About Us

This Is the Future of Media

Changing media consumption habits are fueling a massive transformation in the media landscape. Half of our lives are spent staring at screens — and more than half of that time is spent consuming content. But we aren’t satisfied with just any content. We crave content with perspective, with a strong point-of-view. Content is social currency. It’s what we use to build our identities, it's what we trade and share in social networks, and it gives us a reason to communicate with each other.

Great brands and great editors understand this. The lines are blurring between where readers consume content, how they buy things, and how all of the ideas generated from lifestyle content turn into either identity or preference or purchase behavior.

Say Media was established during this time of transition and has set a new standard for how digital content is created and consumed. Our technology platform seamlessly integrates content, community, commerce and marketing into a beautiful experience that is led by editors with strong viewpoints who connect with readers in personal ways.

This is the future of media and Say Media is leading the way.

Executive team

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    Matt Sanchez
    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
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    David Lerman
    Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Board members

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    David Hornik
    August Capital
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    Amy Errett
    CEO & Co-Founder Madison Reed
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    Paul Hsiao
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    Mark Kingdon
    Angel Investor
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    Jim Warner
    Third Floor Enterprises
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    Kim Kelleher
    Media Executive