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Adaptive Ads

A Premium Brand Ad Experience

This unique new advertising solution offers premium brand ad experiences inline with content on any platform, on any device.

Adaptive Fullscreen is a 100 percent share of voice ad experience inline with the content.
Adaptive Stripe is an inline, full-width banner that works within the context of shorter pieces of content.

AdFrames Display

Makes Digital Ads More Useful, Social and Fun

Brings rich brand experiences to the customer. Designed for engagement with limitless feature options including sharing, surveys, maps, RSS feeds, games and more.

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AdFrames Mobile

More Ways to Engage Your Customer, Everywhere

Richer full-screen experiences, multi-platform support, enhanced targeting, 40+ million global uniques.

Watch a video of the ad experience:

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AdFrames Spotlight

Your Brand, Center Stage, Captivating Passionate Audiences

This highly customizable, non-expandable, interactive ad unit captures user attention. It is available in 300x600 with high impact fixed placements on media sites in our portfolio.

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AdFrames Spark

Delivering opt-in video views across the web.

AdFrames Spark is our engagement-based, in-banner video solution. Drive voluntary views of your TV spots and other video assets within a 300x250 banner across a vast network of online publishers.

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