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We make ad products and premium environments that invite readers to pay attention to your brand message. Our accountable pricing models ensure you are only charged when your ads perform. Our award-winning creative studio guides you expertly through the entire process. See our full suite of products below.


The Digital
Full Page AD

AdFrames is an expandable rich media ad unit that provides guaranteed reader engagement. It invites readers to opt-in to the ad experience and spend time there. For over 10 years, AdFrames has proven it can entice consumers with a sophisticated brand message, up to 5x more frequently than standard banners in its expanded state. Best of all, we charge on a CPE (Cost per Engagement) model — so you only pay when the reader engages with the ad.

Portable CreativeTM

Better Than

Do you use IAB banners? Do you want 3x-5x better performance than standard IAB banners? Harnessing the power of AdFrames, Say now offers a creative unit that runs on any trading desk. Deployed just like a standard IAB banner, this creative tag gives you and your programmatic team the power of AdFrames both on and off Say Media’s inventory.

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Branded Content:
Authentic Editorial
About Your Brand

Who better to speak to a community about your brand than the actual curator of that community? Our branded content programs only deliver authentic messages about your brand to readers. Honest, thoughtful collaboration with editors, marketers and brands ensures that each bespoke campaign delivers your brand message in a way that resonates with readers. Scale is guaranteed with a CPV model that seamlessly meshes authenticity with the performance you need.

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